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Soundtrack Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Original Soundtrack [2018] [320Kbps]


Nuevo miembro
27 Ene 2017

| STORMBLOOD: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack | Masayoshi Soken, Yukiko Takada, Kenichi Kuroda, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Nobuo Uematsu | 04 de julio de 2018 | 105 Tracks | 06:10:25 | 320 kbps | MEGA – Solidfiles – TusFiles – Openload |



[list type=decimal]
[*]Storm of Blood
[*]Prelude - Long March Home
[*]Beyond the Wall
[*]Looping in the Deepest Fringes
[*]Their Deadly Mission
[*]On High
[*]With Giants Watching
[*]The Garlean Territorial Anthem for Gyr Abania and Surrounding States - The Measure of Our Reach
[*]Procedamus in Peace
[*]Crimson Sunrise
[*]Liquid Flame
[*]Wing and a Prayer
[*]The Open Box
[*]Westward Tide
[*]Far East of Eorzea
[*]At Both Ends
[*]A Father's Pride
[*]Drowning in the Horizon
[*]Cyan's Theme
[*]He Rises Above
[*]Most Unworthy
[*]Heroes of Stormblood
[*]A Mother's Pride
[*]Gates of the Moon
[*]Parting Ways
[*]Crimson Sunset
[*]Hope Forgotten
[*]Beauty's Wicked Wiles
[*]The Stone Remembers
[*]Old Wounds
[*]Songs of Salt and Suffering
[*]Liberty or Death
[*]The Worm's Tail
[*]The Measure of His Reach
[*]Final, Not Final
[*]Starlit Gateway
[*]Beauty's Wicked Wiles (Oasis Mix)
[*]Far From Home
[*]Rival Wings
[*]Birds of Prey
[*]Forever in Flames
[*]Beyond Redemption
[*]Character Creation
[*]Save / Load Screen
[*]Protagonist's Theme
[*]Background Story
[*]Precipitous Combat
[*]The Enemy Approaches
[*]Ultima's Transformation
[*]Down Where Daemons Dwell
[*]Answer on High
[*]Amatsu Kaze
[*]Keepers of the Lock
[*]Unbreakable (Duality)
[*]The Phantom Train to Sigmascape
[*]A Battle Decisively
[*]Dancing Mad - Movement I
[*]Dancing Mad - Movement II
[*]Dancing Mad - Movement III
[*]Dancing Mad - Movement IV
[*]Wicked Winds Whisper
[*]Magicked Skulls
[*]No Quarter
[*]Siren Song
[*]Pa-Paya Demastered
[*]Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Whiskers
[*]Wasshoi, Wasshoi!
[*]Earth, Wind, and Water
[*]Fallen Angel (From Astral to Umbral)
[*]Primal Judgment (From Astral to Umbral)
[*]Under the Weight (From Astral to Umbral)
[*]Ultima (Orchestral Version)
[*]World Map
[*]A Chapel
[*]Boss Battle
[*]The Mystery of Giruvegan
[*]Flash of Steel
[*]Victory Fanfare (FFXII Version)
[*]Wayward Daughter
[/list type=decimal]


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